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Why change your name from Fuller&Howe to Thread & Twine?
Over the last few years, we contemplated the role we play in the world and we wanted to go back to our roots and focus on the core elements that make up our products.  We kept returning to the threads and twine that are the essential part of creating strong and beautiful products. 

The Sustainability of our Product Line

What is Jute?                                                                                                

Jute refers to both the extracted fiber and the source plant.  Jute is mainly grown in India. 

Burlap and Jute … is there a difference?                                                

Burlap refers to the cloth that is manufactured from the jute.   Burlap is also known as hessian or gunny sack cloth.

Why is Jute considered an environmentally friendly fiber?                      

Jute has a low carbon footprint, is biodegradable and feeds the soil and all parts of the plant can be used… leaving little or no waste. Still more reasons to love this fiber—

Good for the air: Jute plants help to clean the air; during growth they assimilate three times more CO2 than the average tree, converting the CO2 into oxygen. Polypropylene (the material used in plastic bags) does the opposite, producing huge amounts of CO2 during its manufacture.

Good for the soil: As well as having little need for fertilizers and pesticides (unlike cotton), jute plants enrich the soil. As these plants grow fast, they are often used in crop rotation. The leaves and roots left after harvest enrich the soil with micronutrients, maintaining soil fertility. When used as a geotextile, it puts nutrients back in the soil when it decomposes.

Source of wood pulp:  The jute stalks left after the fiber has been extracted may help to meet the worlds need for wood pulp, as well as being a renewable source of cooking fuel. (source:


 How do I care for my Jute product?                                                        

Jute's limiting factor is that it is greatly weakened in water. If you must wash jute items, hand wash in cool water using a mild soap. Stains should be treated with a stain-remover. NOTE: any washing or stain removal may change the color of the fabric. Air dry or line dry for best results. 

Keep in mind that the original bags have traveled long journeys carrying coffee beans so they already have the markings from different roasters and other souvenirs of their travels.   Additionally, woven jute has slubs and imperfections, which are characteristic of natural fibers.  Fuller&Howe products are exclusively made of reused authentic coffee bags, never “new” or “faux” jute/burlap. And, before you ask, “slub” is a real word—it means a lump or thick place in yarn.  Great Scrabble word.


The Uniqueness of our Products


How many different designs do you have in stock?
Julie procures her coffee bags from roasters one visit at a time. Sometimes she rescues several bags with the same art and occasionally just one.  The product designs you see on our website are available—plus others. 


How do I know what is in your current collection?
As we add new coffee bags to our stock, we let our followers know. If you subscribe to Thread & Twine's newsletter, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram—you can keep current on the designs we have available. If you see a design you are interested in, email Julie:


If you sell out of a design, will you have it again?
When Julie sells out of a particular design, there’s no guarantee she’ll find it again. Once it sells out, she’s off to repurpose more coffee bags and discover the truly unique global art that graces them. Questions about Thread & Twine's current collection?  Email Julie:



Your Special Requests

What if I’m looking for a specific country or color palette?

Each Thread & Twine product can be created just for you. If you seek a specific coffee-growing country, color pallet—or event creature (a tiger, jaguar…)—tell Julie and she will let you know what is in her current collection. Many of her loyal customers request specific countries that reflect their own wanderlust of places traveled.



Can you give me some idea-starters for customizing gifts?

Whether you are looking for a birthday present for your eco-conscious BFF from Costa Rica or newlyweds who met in India—Julie can help you give a thoughtfully unique, sustainable gift. She can also place zip codes or other location “data” on the side of a bag.  For instance, a great housewarming gift is a Thread &Twine Wine Tote with the word "Cheers" stenciled on the side or a Market Bag with their new home's zip code.  Names of cities, states or countries (or their abbreviations) can be stenciled—depending upon number of characters.  



How long will it take for a special-order?    

First, we’ll start with when you need it. If the clock is ticking—Julie may have something already in stock that perfectly matches your request. She will do her best to meet your timeline but understand that each Thread & Twine product is hand-crafted…so there’s no big machine cranking these products out. Each of the sustainable products are made individually with great care—and special requests are most definitely worth a little wait.


Thread&Twine Shipping Policy

Domestic (U.S.)

We ship our products via USPS First Class or Priority or FedEx.

Please allow 1-3 business days for processing your order - all products are shipped individually from our work studio.

Please email Julie if you have a special request regarding shipping (

Thread&Twine is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged in transit.



We ship worldwide with USPS Priority International and FedEx. Depending on location, we will choose the most affordable carrier.

We cannot guarantee delivery dates. Normal delivery is 3 weeks for USPS Priority International.

Return Policy

We are happy to accept returns on unused items within 14 days of purchase. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Please send an email to with your order number before sending anything back to us in the mail.

We want you to love your Thread&Twine item and get much use out of it for years to come so please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns before placing your order!