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Vintage Charm

I grew up in an old farmhouse and when we were househunting many years ago, we focused on older houses. One of the reasons I was so excited to move into our “new” house was that it was built in 1908 ... and it had a front porch with a swing! Historic homes have abundant character and charm. They also have old plumbing and windows, inconsistent heating, sloping floors, etc... but these quirks are part of the personality of a vintage home.  And there are many upsides too. Walkable established neighborhoods, reusing existing housing stock for many generations (very green!), and just knowing that you are preserving a piece of history.
I feel the same way about the coffee sacks.  The sacks remind me of the coffee beans’ origin in Ethiopia and the jute plants' in India.  By repurposing the sacks, I am breathing new life into them, and celebrating their authenticity and history. Just like a homeowner who embraces the character of an older home. 
As a society, there are many signs that we are slowly changing our mindset about throwing away older buildings by falling prey to the “obsolete” myth foisted on us by (what a surprise) someone trying to sell us new stuff. I prefer taking these old homes and updating them to meet today’s needs while still appreciating their charm.
This may be why I get so excited about my line of bags and home accessories. They are always made from repurposed coffee sacks, with their original markings, which add charm and character! It's a small step in preserving a bit of the bag's history while serving a new use.

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