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Can a Word Define a Year?


Scrolling through social media at the beginning of this year, I’ve seen several friends post what is going be their “best month”, a phrase to best describe their new  year, etc.  I find these entertaining to read, even if I’m unlikely to take a quiz to identify my own “best month”.


But the idea of a phrase or word to guide your year ahead stayed with me. If you could think of a word to describe your goals for the next year, what would you choose?  


This idea came to me while talking with a friend who also has a  small business. She was lamenting how to  balance  work and  personal time.  I joked that “balance” could be her word this year. Then we both laughed, realizing that this wasn’t a bad idea. She could hold onto the idea of “balance” when she was planning her business goals and trying to fit in some more personal time in 2017.


The next day, I was reminded of our conversation, and it started me thinking, “what would I choose for my 2017 word?”  What aspect of my life do I want to emphasize this year?  What key word do I want to focus on and guide me?


 The first word  that came to mind was “Connect”.  I realized that I have been wanting to connect more with people who inspire me their actions — either professionally or personally. 


In 2015 I formed a creative group with two other women who are also growing their small businesses.  After each meeting, which always includes wine and snacks, I am invigorated and eager to work on my next business goal.  These two women have become close friends and are a valuable sounding board for my questions and issues associated with developing a business.  I am also enjoying a renewed friendship with another creative business owner who is now helping me with marketing and public relations.  It is my hope that I offer each of these friends support and relevant advice for their individual endeavors.


I realized that each connection offers me something different.  I may learn something new that I can use for my business  or  I may be able to offer ideas and encouragement to someone else.  The effect of the word “connect“ allows both sides to feel engaged. And that single word defines what I want as my guiding principle for 2017 -- to connect.


If you had to choose a word for 2017, what would yours be?

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