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Coffee Aromatherapy

Coffee Aromatherapy.

I love working with coffee sacks for several reasons. One being that when I pick up a new batch of coffee sacks, my car is filled with the rich fragrance of freshly brewed coffee. It often lingers for several days, allowing me a whiff of this wonderful aroma each time I get into the car. I actually think the car feels warmer (great on cold days) and cozier when there is a rich coffee fragrance trapped inside.
I have read about the benefits of coffee aromatherapy and coffee oils and most of them point to the energizing attributes of this aroma.  However, I find the scent of a cup of coffee more relaxing than anything.  When I was just out of college and living in Chicago, my friends and I would treat ourselves to a dinner and afterwards order coffee and linger for awhile. A little coffee and a little dessert — the perfect ending to a wonderful meal with friends.   I felt very adult-like! 
Maybe that’s why I enjoy the aroma so much — it washes over me with memories of lively dinner conversations with girlfriends (and an occasional boyfriend)  ... all ending over a cup of coffee while the rest of the evening stretched out before us.  





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