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Sustainability & the Holidays

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As I start to ask for “Christmas Lists” I am torn about buying gifts that may not reflect my commitment to sustainable living and the quest to not buy more while still giving gifts that are enjoyed.


I have come up with a solution that makes me happy ...

I will support small batch artisans that I follow on social media and find at local craft fairs by purchasing their goods.  I am impressed with the quality of products that these small businesses are producing and selling.  I may spend a little more money, but will feel good about supporting a growing business and knowing that I am not contributing to unfair and unethical trade practices.


I enjoy discovering new artists as I search for gift ideas.  My purchases might be low on the tech side, but gift cards from aunts and uncles will be received so my teenagers will still be able to pick up their desired higher-tech gadgets.  If you are looking for a unique gift for that hard-to-buy-for relative, send me a note … I can send you a couple of my picks (including Bombas Socks — which give a pair of socks to the homeless for each pair you buy).


Another way, my family is adding sustainability to our holidays is our Christmas tree ... it's a little non-traditional this year.  Our tradition of going out to the Christmas tree farm and cutting our tree ended a couple of years ago when a developer bought the farm and built townhomes on the land.  So, we decided to embrace new ways to represent a Christmas tree.  This year my teenaged son wanted to build a tree.  We worked on a couple of designs ... he went down into the basement and after several hours of measuring and sawing old pieces of wood leftover from one of my husband’s home projects, he came up with this Arts & Crafts style tree.  A little paint/stain, and lights and a few ornaments and we are quite pleased with the result.  For me, it has a clean artistic value, but also is quite sustainable.  We may use it again next year, or if my husband needs extra wood for some project, he may borrow some from the tree.


Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!

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